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2022 Texas Mayflower Society Annual Award Recipient

Lisa Pennington



Each year the Texas Mayflower Society anxiously anticipates presentation of the Annual Award for Long and Distinguished Service. The recipients have devotedly served our societies in various capacities. Lisa Pennington was announced as the recipient of this esteemed award during the banquet of the April 1-2, 2022, state meeting in San Antonio. 



Lisa Pennington

An avid genealogist and historian, Lisa has served as Counsellor and Elder in the Texas Mayflower Society. As a Houston Colony member, she was Governor, Treasurer and Captain. For the Isaac Allerton Society, Lisa served as Governor, Deputy Governor, and Assistant.  As GSMD Member-at-Large-West, she spoke to many Member Societies in the western part of the United States. In 2019, Lisa initiated the series of popular monthly virtual lectures for The Mayflower Society, hosting one of the lectures, while continuing to research and present many interesting PowerPoint presentations for the past few years. Lisa serves on the board of the historic Mayflower Society Meetinghouse in Plymouth and currently serves The Mayflower Society as Counsellor General.


The Texas Mayflower Society appreciates her and dedication and service to our societies.


The 2021 recipient was Elizabeth Heise who resides in Brownsville and she is a member of the Corpus Christi colony. On the state level, she has served as Co-Historian since 2017. She has not only served, but she has implemented many programs that have streamlined the application and supplemental progress both at the Texas and the national level. She has assisted over 200 members in joining our society. She has also provided guidance and programs on DNA for our society as well as for other genealogy societies. In addition, this year she has worked endless hours to set up a membership database that members can access on our website. On the national GSMD level, she is currently serving on the bylaws committee.

The 2020 recipient was Peggy Marsh who resides in Sugar Land and she is a member of the Houston colony. On the state level, she has served as Publications Chairman, State Recording Secretary, Junior Committee Chairman, a member of the Public Relations Committee, and Co-Chairman for the 2020 Planning Committee. As Junior Committee Chairman, she developed age-appropriate curriculum, she distributed newsletters, she suggested a way to simplify junior membership, she helped draft a bylaws amendment concerning their membership and she encouraged each Texas colony to locate their own junior chairman.  As a member of the Public Relations Committee, she created interesting and catchy news releases for public service announcements during 2020. As a Co-Chairman for the 2020 Planning Committee, she helped organize the float and participants for the Tyler Rose Parade and she helped organize an event held at Washington on the Brazos. On the national GSMD level, she worked on the Junior Committee where she made educational flash drives that are a great resource used to improve all state junior programs. In the Houston colony, she launched their junior program by organizing their meetings and activities.

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Lisa Pennington
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