Welcome from the Governor of the Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants!

The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants is synonymous with amazing!  I hope as you read you will find our Society a place to call your home.


We have nine colonies you can join.  Colonies are just another way to meet your family, make new friends and stay informed about TXSOMD and GSOMD. You may find links to a colony near you on this site.

Communication is important.  A newsletter is published four times a year.  Most impressive is the number of articles members are submitting for publication.  This demonstrates the excitement of the Society.  We have a new TXSOMD Facebook page. In addition to Facebook, a new facelift has been given to our website. 

Education, as always, is a major effort encouraged by the Society.  Relationships developed with school districts allow our members to make presentations and share the Mayflower stories. Books are donated to libraries and schools. Museum Boxes with lesson plans are made and distributed to teachers. Our State scholarship program paid $8,640 and with the added colony scholarships, over $10,000 is available to Mayflower descendants as they continue their education.

The Library Committee maintains eighteen libraries throughout Texas with updated sets of Silver Books. 

The 2020 Committee has developed several projects.  Our first two campaigns of our Tee Shirt Program have been very successful.  A third campaign will run November 15 – December 1,2019.  Order Tee Shirts and more. http://wwwww.customink.com/fundraising/mdtshirts

Another project is Gone To Texas, A Tribute To Our Mayflower Ancestors. This book is being published by our members telling the story of how their Mayflower families came to Texas.   More 2020 events can be found on this website as they develop.

The Annual Meeting for 2020 will be held April 2-5, 2020 at the Crockett Hotel in San Antonio. The weekend includes tours of the historic city, riverboat rides and more. 

Texas Mayflower Juniors are sailing into 2020 with a new Colony Juniors program, a new Colony Juniors Chair and a new commemorative certificate for 2020 Juniors.

The Texas Society has created the Texas Mayflower Guard, a living history unit modeled after the GSMD Mayflower Guard.  If this interests you, here is another place you can become involved.

We are a productive group.  Above all, the joy of joining our group is the people.  Family and friends get together, share interests, genealogies, histories and family stories.  

I hope you will join us!

Judie Allen, Governor

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The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants is a 501 (c) 3 organization.


The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants is a state society of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

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