Texas State Society Officers

 April, 2019 - April, 2021



        Judie Allen

Deputy Governor               

        Prarie Counce

Recording Secretary           

        Peggy Marsh

Corresponding Secretary   

        Mike Byrne


        Linda Hill


        Elizabeth Heise


        DeNell Estes


        Judy Ditmore


        John McWilliams, IV


        Bart Henson


        John Wilcox, Jr. M.D.


        Pamela Nieto

Texas State Committee Chairs

Audit Committee Chairman                              Bart Henson

Awards Committee Chairman                           Laine Miller

By-Laws Committee Chairman                         Lisa Pennington

Education Committee Chairman                       Glen Alden

Endowment Committee Chairman                    Mike Nichols

Finance Committee Chairman,                         Linda Hill

Juniors Committee Chairman                          Peggy Marsh

Library Committee                                         Betty Prince

Nominations Committee Chairman                  Jacque Parabo

Public Relations Committee Chairman              Peggy Marsh

Newsletter/Publications                                  Prarie Counce

Scholarship Committee                                  Dotty Tate

Texas 2020 Commemoration Chairman            Peggy Marsh

Webmaster                                                    Kimberly Florsheim

Archivist                                                        Linda Hill

Texas Officers Serving The General Society

Deputy Governor General For Texas               

        Mike Nichols, Central Texas Colony

Assistant Secretary General                                    Mrs. Linda Hill, DFW Colony

Assistant General For Texas                                    Judie Allen, Corpus Christi Colony

GSMD Executive Comittee Member At Large            Lisa Pennington, Houston Colony  

GSMD Committee Chairman From Texas


GSMD Historic Sites                                    

        Mrs. Barbara Williams


Officers Of The General Society Of Mayflower Descendants

Governor General                                         

      George P. Garmany, Jr. M.D. of the Colorado Society

Assistant Governor General                           

      Susan E. Roser of the Canadian Society

Secretary General                                       

      Jane E. Hurt of the Kansas Society

Treasurer General                                         

      Elizabeth W. Gaudreau of the Colorado Society

Historian General                                         

      Marjorie "Midge" K. Hurtuk of the Connecticut Society

Counselor General                                       

      Richard S. Gilmore, Esq. of the Massachusetts Society

Elder General                                               

      Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Pike of the New York Society

Captain General                                           

      Jeff Stark of the Wisconsin Society

Surgeon General                                         

      Naomi S. Mann, M.D. of the Louisiana Society

Members At Large                                       

      Lisa Pennington of the Texas Society
      Donald T. Studley, CPA of the Connecticut Society
      Jane Schleinzer of the Illinois Society

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The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants is a 501 (c) 3 organization.


The Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants is a state society of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

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