Central Texas Colony


Welcome to the Central Texas Colony of the Texas Mayflower Society!  We are an active colony set in the heart of Texas with many interesting on-going activities.   We welcome new members with lively meetings, a friendly community, and lots of opportunities for service. 

Our bi-monthly newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date on Colony items and on other local genealogy activities of interest. Our exciting Education Program has an ongoing  project of donations of DVD’s and books to local libraries ranging from Buda in the South to Georgetown and Liberty Hill in the North. A new children’s reading program at several schools is underway with donated books read by a member in pilgrim costume.  A scholarship fund drive is underway with the goal of offering an annual scholarship to a graduating senior who is a descendant of a Central Texas Colony member.  For 2020, Proclamations are being obtained from the Mayors of several local cities of the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing.  Members are encouraged to participate in these events.  

We treasure our 25 year history as a Colony with our original founder still livening up our meetings and five of our past Governors still actively involved.  Come join us and help us make that history.  Howdy, and we look forward to meeting you! 

Our Colony Officers are: 

Governor                               Betty Prince (Leander)
Deputy Governor                    Susan Goldsworthy
Recording Secretary                Jill Cornelius

Corresponding Secretary         Curtis Wyman
Treasurer                               Barbara Alvarez

Historian                                Charles Mangum
Elder                                     Sheila Simmons
Captain                                  Dorothy Greene (Austin)
BOA Representative                Dwight Benson (Georgetown)

Our Committee Chairs are: 

Nominating Committee              Janet Kres (Austin)
Scholarship Committee             Sheila Simmons (Austin)
Juniors Committee                    Barbara Alvarez (Cedar Park)
Public Relations                        Barbara Alvarez (Cedar Park)
Education Committee                Betty Prince (Leander)
2020 Celebration Committee     Dwight Benson (Georgetown)