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Central Texas Colony

Welcome to the Central Texas Colony of the Texas Mayflower Society!  We are an active colony set in the heart of Texas with many interesting on-going activities.  We welcome new members with lively meetings, a friendly community, and lots of opportunities for service. 

Our bi-monthly newsletter keeps everyone up-to-date on Colony activities as well as Texas Mayflower activities and on other local genealogy activities of interest.


Our exciting Education Program has an ongoing project of donations of DVD’s and books to local libraries and schools in the Central Texas Area.  We are also developing videos with dramatic reinactments of Mayflower Pilgrim stories by some of our members in Pilgrim dress.  These will be made available to local libraries and schools.   


Our scholarship fund drive has reached the  goal of being able to offer an annual $1000.00 scholarship to a graduating Texas high school senior who is a blood-line descendant of a Central Texas Colony member. 

We encourage genealogy research among our members as a way of understanding our place in history and  have plans this year to sponsor genealogy events for our members.  Our costume committee has fun wearing Mayflower Pilgrim costumes for our meetings and for other projects and guides members in either sewing their own costumes or in locating other sources of costumes

We treasure our 27 year history as a Colony with many long standing members and also welcome new members to participate in our ongoing activities and suggest new activities.  Come join us and help us make that history.  Howdy, and we look forward to meeting you! 

Our Colony Officers are:

Governor - Susan Goldsworthy
Deputy Governor - Nancy Branstiter
Recording Secretary - Rolland “Randy” Reynolds
Corresponding Secretary - Curtis Wyman
Treasurer - Diane Christensen
Historian - Charles Mangum
Elder - Lynn Tunison
Captain - David Armer
BOA Representative - Pat Nichols

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