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DFW Colony

Officers 2021 - 2023

Governor - John McWilliams, IV

Deputy Governor - Steven Gray

Recording Secretary - Lesley Johnson

Corresponding Secretary - Kimberley Calaway

Treasurer - Robert Pope Jr.

Historian - Alice Stone

Elder - Kent Hopkins

Captain - Cathy Bambenek

BOA Rep - Steven Gray


DFW Colony's Compact Luncheon 2022 at the Texas Star Golf Club in Euless, TX

We had an in-person spring meeting in DFW, Sat, Nov 17th at the Parr Park Pavilion in Grapevine, TX.  The weather was unexpectedly cold for April and COVID turned our usual pot luck into a bring-your-own-lunch event.  Like our ancestors, we pushed forward and conducted our meeting, electing a new slate of officers for the upcoming term. 


John L. McWilliams, IV

DFW Colony Governor

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