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Welcome to the Waco Colony website

 What we do in the WACO COLONY as members of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Texas

*We meet only twice a year, once in spring and once in the fall around Nov. 11 to commemorate Mayflower Compact Day. We keep it free to attend and open to interested persons.
*Our Education Committee members dress as Pilgrims and present programs to local schools with a “Pilgrim Trunk”.
*We represent our Colony in Parades, present wreaths at Memorial Day ceremonies, and do programs at local libraries.
*We donate lineage books to the local library for research into the proven Mayflower Descendants lines.
*We offer Scholarships to area students.
*We host the Texas Society Mayflower Descendants State Meeting on a rotating schedule.



We would love to WELCOME YOU ABOARD Waco Colony.

Colony Officers 2021-2023

Governor, Judy Baker
Deputy Governor, Barbara Coan

Secretary, Ann Harder
Treasurer, Peter Kultgen
Elder, Wanda Vestal
Captain, Belinda Summers
BOA REP., Barbara Lewandowski
Education Chair, Dottie Tate
Library Committee Chair, Norma Cannata
Waco Scholarship Chair, Barbara Coan

The Waco Colony of Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants met on May 14, 2022 at La Madeleine’s French Restaurant in Waco, Texas with Governor Judy Baker presiding. We were honored to have Prarie Counce, Governor of TSOMD, who presented a wonderful slide show of her recent trip to Leiden, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where the Pilgrims resided before boarding the Mayflower. Along with recognizing four new members, we were delighted to have one of those new members with us...Judie Allen, DGG and Past Governor and her husband Steve. It was the pleasure of our Colony to present our $500.00 scholarship to Hannah Lewandowski, a Junior Member of our Colony. The Mayflower Minute was presented by one of our newer members, Lisa Ferguson, who told some very interesting information on one of her ancestors, Richard Warren.

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